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Voice is Power™ is an excellent investment for executives, entrepreneurs, managers, coaches and academics who wish to excel in their communication, leadership and
personal development.



Great leadership and communication skills are no longer a nice to have; they are absolutely vital. Voice is Power™ is a breakthrough and empowering 2-day programme which enables you to discover your true potential in natural leadership, so that when you…

* Present your long term vision to large groups
* Deliver your key message to a team, to the board or to stakeholders
* Pitch to potential clients for that important contract
* Manage crucial conversations
* Launch a new product or service
* Face the media...

… Your message will be clear and concise. You will deliver with confidence, style and passion. You will fully connect with your audience. As a result, your influence will grow and you will inspire others to achieve goals faster, more effectively and with higher motivation.

We are increasingly working in a global environment and in multinational teams. As such, the working language of the program is English. If English is not your native tongue (and even if it is!) Voice is Power™ will coach you on how to communicate your message with clarity so that the impact of accent is minimised.

The group size is intimate to achieve maximum results. During the programme your presentations and communications will be filmed as part of your coaching and learning journey. The style is highly interactive and we provide a safe and trusting environment.


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