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With our one-to-one coaching service we partner with you to help you evolve and enhance your executive presence and your ability to deliver clear and concise messages with professionalism, confidence, style and passion.

We help you to...

Assess your audience, to understand their needs and what it is that they need to hear from you. How to tailor make your message for that specific audience so that it is accurate, relevant and it strikes a chord.

Create an impactful message which incudes what you want your audience to learn, what are the key points you want them to remember, how do you want them to feel and what do you want them to do.

Laser focus on YOU as the Messenger. How to fully connect with your audience (one-to-one, or one-to-many), your body language, facial expression, eye contact and movement.

Develop a clear and powerful voice that commands attention for all the right reasons and maximises your execute presence and influence.

Become fully grounded, calm and confident, to ensure you build trust with your audience.

In conclusion...

We make good speakers excellent… and we turn people around from being the least confident and comfortable, to getting a standing ovation and best speaker recognition.

Please contact us for further details of our one-to-one coaching service, which can be face-to-face or via Skype/FaceTime, or a mixture of both.



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